Our projects are our legacy; they will be our milestones for all the upcoming years!

Akhil Radhu


Mr. Akhil Radhu, the founder of Radhu Builders, did his Masters in Global Management from Regents Business School, London.

He was earlier the Director in "Ishvakoo India Pvt ltd," a pioneer construction company that has experience of constructing several airports, institutional and residential buildings.

Mr. Radhu has delivered many exceptional projects during his tenure in Ishvakoo India Pvt ltd and is known for tremendous knowledge in the field construction. Mr. Radhu is very particular about the quality and timely delivery of the projects.

Now Mr. Radhu has entered the real estate industry under the name of Radhu Builders, and he envisions his company to be listed amongst leading real estate construction companies of the country.

"Some of his well known projects are mentioned below."